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We are eDesign  

We are artists, software engineers, analysts, UX designers, front-end and back-end developers, animators, illustrators, brand experts, project managers, advertisers, marketers, photographers, and more. A team of people with different expertise, united by the common goal of producing high quality, unforgettable digital experiences.

We have been creating unique visual journeys, marketing campaigns with fantastic results, and web-based software products for over 15 years and we are really good at it.

Let’s get acquainted!


Our project managers are certified and work with an array of methodologies - agile, scrum, kanban, lean, waterfall.

Hi, I'm Hrisi, PMI-ACP certified Senior Project Manager. I have been organizing projects for over eight years for some of eDesign’s most notorious clients. I'm passionate about yoga and healthy food.
Hi, I’m Marin. I’m Operations Lead. I take responsibility for the operational side of what we do. I drive and lead projects.
Hi, I'm Geri, Project Manager at eDesign. I love helping our clients build unforgettable consumer experiences. I have practiced journalism for almost 15 years and I love to read.
Hi, I'm Andrew, Project Manager at eDeisgn. In addition to managing projects, I am also responsible for the software, hosting and technical support of various projects. In my free time, I play in a rock band.
Hi, I'm Tedi, Junior Project Manager. I love every project to be well organized and structured. I am passionate about sports and devote much of my free time to training.
Hi, I’m Petya. I’m a Project Manager at eDesign. I love bringing beautiful ideas to life and searching for aesthetics in every detail. I believe adding human emotions to a project builds lasting partnerships.

Design &  Creative

Our designers extraordinaire have a cumulative experience of 125 years. Thanks to highly creative art direction, eDesign has cumulated a treasure cove of international awards.

Hi, I'm Miro, Senior Art Director. I have created many of the most significant projects at eDesign and have been a part of the company for 10 years. I'm passionate about drawing, 3D rendering, and modeling.
Hi, I'm Ina, Senior Designer at eDesign. I have graduated from the Art Academy and have been a designer for almost 18 years. I am part of eDesign’s team since 2013. I love quiet places and traveling with my family.
Hi, I'm Nikola, Senior Designer at eDesign. I'm interested in visual communication and UX. In my spare time, I hike mountains and listen to extreme music.
Hi, I'm Ivan, Designer at eDesign. I have graduated from the Art Academy. In my spare time, I paint nature and design posters. My work often participates in various galleries and art exhibitions around the world. I have had my own solo exhibitions.
Hi, I'm Stasi. I do Graphic Design, video recording, and editing. I like to be out surrounded by nature and ride my bike.


Our executives are always on the go, managing diverse assignments.

Hi, I'm George, Founder and CEO of eDesign. I have worked in web design for over 20 years. My expertise is in visual communication. Apart from managing the strategic development of the agency, I also provide my team with creative direction.


Our business development team is here to assess your needs, estimate your project, and help mobilize our participating talent.

Hi, I'm Elena, Business Development Manager. Traveling is my passion, I love photography and telling stories through the photos and videos I take on the road.
I'm Marieta, Business Development Manager. I help our clients with guidance on how to build their projects as efficiently as possible. I love nature walks, have an interest in psychology, and love going to concerts.

Programming &  Development 

eDesign’s front-end and back-end programing engineers play with cutting edge technology. They have the ability to code the most innovative ideas.

Hi, I'm Yanosh, CTO at eDesign. I am involved with a wide range of activities - from system architecture to IT network solutions. However, my real passion is programming. I practice yoga and love to travel.
Hi, I'm Ivan, a Senior Back-end Programmer at eDesign. I have been part of the team for 5 years. In my spare time, I play badminton and race go-karts.
Hi, I'm Christo, Back-end Programmer. My strength is logical algorithms. According to (some of) my colleagues, I write the most awesome birthday greetings. I love learning new languages – fluent in 6 at the moment.
Hi, I'm Dimitar, Associate Consultant on software architecture and R&D at eDesign. I am interested in system administration and programming models.
Hi, I'm Rossi, Front-end Developer at eDesign. Web animations are my passion. I love animals, I love dancing and hiking in the mountains.
Hi, I'm Tsveti, Front-end Developer at eDesign. I will help you create a beautiful and functional website. In my spare time, I like to read and watch tv series.
Hi, I'm Bobi, Front-end Developer. At work, I strive to enhance the visual impact of a page with various animations and micro-interactions. I have a young son and I love spending time with him
Hi, I'm George, Front-end Developer. I love sports and inspire the team to live healthy lifestyles.
Hi, I'm Delyan - PHP developer at eDesign.

Digital Strategists

eDesign’s marketing strategists are advertising experts with solid know-how in anything digital.

Hi, I'm Stella. I have worked in digital marketing for almost 7 years and am responsible for strategic positioning and creating marketing concepts. I love rock music. I'm a fan of virtual reality games, horseback riding, and tennis.
Hi, I'm Emi. Marketing is my passion and profession I have been practicing for over 10 years. I love traveling and playing sports.
Hi, I'm Stanimir, Social Media Manager at eDesign.
Hello, my name is Liana. I am a Digital Project Manager. I travel often and love being surrounded by nature.
Hi, I'm Zlatina, Digiral Project Manager at eDesign.

Social  Media Experts 

Our social media people implement fun twists, engage your audience and plot viral ideas.

Hi, I’m Katerina – Social Media Expert. I've been working in advertising for more than 9 years. I also write children’s books and fantasy/sci-fi short stories.

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