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Join Us at the 2024 NCMPR National Conference

Calling all higher education professionals attending the NCMPR conference in Seattle this March!

We are excited to share that James Gibson, our Director of Digital Marketing, and Vincent Mazza, our managing partner, will be taking the stage as speakers to explore the following topic: "Demand Gen vs Lead Gen: Which Strategy is Best for Your College?”

Is your school's marketing strategy primarily about demand or lead generation? Or are you wondering which one is best for you? While each approach has pros and cons, it's important to note that they don't always need to be mutually exclusive. We will discuss each strategy and the channels that work best for each.

For demand generation, we will discuss the common misconceptions and the opportunities this strategy can bring. How do you frame the messaging and the strategy to be successful, and is it worth the investment? 

James and Vin will also examine the importance of a robust measurement strategy for lead generation and identify key performance indicators (KPIs). How does your focus change when executing prospective student generation tactics?

At this NCMPR discussion, James and Vincent will discuss how colleges should approach these strategies and set them up for success. Tailoring a plan according to your curriculum can yield substantial results for your institution.  

Whether you're seeking to amplify awareness or drive targeted conversions, this round table will offer actionable scenarios and best practices to help you navigate the complexities of marketing in the education sector, with new insights on how these strategies connect with Gen Z. 

But that's not all! Make sure to swing by our conference booth to connect with our team and grab a complimentary $5.00 Starbucks gift card. It's our way of saying thank you for stopping by and engaging with us.

We look forward to meeting with you if you attend the Seattle NCMPR conference. Let's explore the nuances of demand and lead generation together and empower your institution with the tools it needs to thrive and compete with other colleges.

For higher education professionals unable to attend the event, feel free to reach out online at or contact us for guidance at (973) 867 7042.

About NCMPR:
The National Council for Marketing & Public Relations (NCMPR) is the leading professional development association for communication professionals at two-year community and technical colleges. The organization is the primary resource for communicators in this field, serving as a trusted go-to organization. 

The 2024 national conference “NCMPR into the Future” will be held March 14-16 in Seattle. 

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